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Since embarking on his career in 2008, Lenny Barcham has immersed himself in the property industry. Honest, passionate and with a genuine desire to make his clients happy”, he is a determined agentwho aspires to learn all there is to know about Real Estate. Besides his likability, ambition and experience, the key to Lenny's success is his inventive and creative approach. In his role as Team Leader at Mitchel Torre Real Estate, he tackles any challenges from new and different prospective and with abroad and open mind, to ensure the very best result possible is achieved. Lenny's knowledge of the local area and its community together with his first-hand appreciation of the parks, shops, cafe ‘sand bars, makes him a valued member of the company. In turn, he has a great respect for the brand's innovative marketing resources and for the expertise and professionalism of his colleagues. At Mitchell Torre, we are friendly people who are serious about Real Estate, “he says. Away from his busy work life, Lenny enjoys spending time with his family and friends.  He has a keen interest in music recording, history and travel, while his professional goal is to embark on further study and expand his skills in Real Estate.

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