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Top 3 Tips for Selling

Remove personal clutter

Whilst hugely impersonable, we must remind ourselves buyers are looking for a place they can imagine themselves being happy, and proud to live. So, when you come to sell your home, your job is to ensure that nothing gets in the way of your home “communicating” with potential buyers. Leave room for buyers to visualize themselves in your home.

Start by clearing your property of anything that isn’t essential to the functioning or the aesthetic attraction of a room. Clean out and tidy storage cupboards. Cull pictures, knick- knacks, and junk.

Find an enthusiastic real estate agent

You need to rely on a real estate agent to bring in buyers and get them interested in your home. Make sure the agent you choose understands the area your home is located, and all your property’s good points, and most importantly has the skills and commitment to market them with enthusiasm!

Dress to impress on inspection days

The repainting, polishing, cleaning and de-cluttering are all done - Now it’s onto the all exciting inspection days where we want to make sure your home is fresh and welcoming. Sweep the front step, polish the doorknocker, fill the entrance with light, and put fresh flowers in strategic spots around the property.

Get rid of the kids and the pets, and all evidence of them (sorry guys!) - including toys, animal hair and smells. Clear the sink and kitchen bench and put fresh towels in the bathrooms. Burn vanilla or peppermint essential oils no less than an hour beforehand. Have soft tasteful music playing in the background and make yourself scarce.